Movement & energy based research class - De Sering - De Sloot
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Movement & energy based research class – De Sering

16 mei van 17:00 tot 18:00

Improvisation class via authentic movement exploration

Class structure

Class will always include a somatic based warm up that will build to address & navigate the Chakra system, via energy work & identifying blockages, participants will learn to tune into their bodies & sensation from an authentic and honest place. Improvisation tools and best practices will also be explored, which can later become means to set choreography and develop a personal language vocabulary. All participants are welcome, dance experience is not required. Just bring clothes you can move in, trainers or socks, and an open mind.

Class intention

The intension of this class is to hold space for those interested in learning to tap into sensation via energy work, and learn how to undo and rewrite our habitual movement patterns to access more of our raw, untapped nature. Rather than repressing our weakness, we want to lean into them, accept them, and from this place of vulnerability and consciousness, we can find agency to express ourselves. To let go of the pressure to perform or move perfectly, we can learn to express from a place of desire, openness, a commitment to being deeply understood by ourselves & others.