Artist-run space by Barnaby Savage, Andreas Hannes and Merel Severs

Thanks for your interest in renting our studio! Dance Space Destiny is an inclusive space that prioritizes a safe and respectful environment for all. In this document you will find all the practical information about the the space and the facilities.

Price: 1 day €100,- ex 21% BTW (total of €121,-)

Address: We’re located at the first performing arts broedplaats of the Netherlands: De Sloot.

Rhôneweg 10, 1042 AH, Amsterdam

Space: The studio is 120m2, of which about 20m2 is used as workspace by a photographer and as office/chill space.

It has a wall of mirrors that you can also cover with curtains if it is not wanted.

Technique/material: There is a soundsystem you can use, it has a small mixer with an AUX cable. Possible to put mics in if you bring them yourself.

Kitchen: The kitchen is available to use. Both in the fridge as in the cupboard left of the door there are tags which say Dance Space Destiny. There is coffee and tea you can use. Please add when you finish something. We are all jointly responsible for loading and unloading the dishwasher, keeping the kitchen clean. So please, also take care of the shared spaces!

Dance Space Destiny
Dance Space Destiny