A musical journey through the in-between
20:00 - 20:45
za 06 april

UNBORN – Otion & Ulrike Quade Company

Following the success of the theater performance “Fetus Heaven” (2023), Ulrike Quade Company and OTION – Master of Sceneries (Guillermo Armand Blinker) collaborate once again. UNBORN is an intimate theatrical concert where ambiant neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and indigenous rhythms intertwine. How do you connect with the unborn part of yourself? ‘Are you breaking down or unfolding?’. UNBORN creates a moment of reflection, inviting you on a journey of discovery where text, music, and projection converge. 

Inspired by processes of transformation and perspectives, UNBORN brings together confusion, melancholy, joy, resistance and surrender in a symphony of human emotion. It is a poetic introduction to a spiritual journey of discovery and growth, inviting you to travel through the inner universe of OTION. The performance delves into the potential of personal transformation and liberation. UNBORN explores questions such as: Who or what influences my transformation, and how do you consciously let go of old versions of yourself? 

Experience UNBORN at Theaterbroedplaats De Sloot on the 5th and 6th of April 2024. Get your tickets now! 

Guillermo Armand Blinker, a.k.a. OTION – Master of Sceneries, is a versatile artist from Amsterdam with an academic background in the performing arts (LMIPA & Codarts). Some of his most recent works are: Tijd Zal Ons Leren (Time Will Tell Us, for Het Nationale Theater), Frekti Singi (for Amsterdam Museum) and Ripple – Opera Forward Festival (National Opera & Ballet). His work consists of songs/compositions, live performances and meditative sound journeys.

Ulrike Quade Company combines puppetry, visual theater, and robotics with music, dance, and multimedia to create magical and visual poetic performances. We use myths and stories from the past as a source of inspiration for the future. Often, we let go of reality to create multiform new worlds in which our audience can immerse themselves. In this way, we envision a possible future and explore the changes necessary toward an equitable and inclusive society. 

The language of this performance is English.


Concept, compositie, regie en spel: OTION – Master of Sceneries 
Instrumentatie: Nathan Klumperbeek, Tez Thompson 
Regie-assistent: Anne van Dorp 
Scenografie: Hendrik Walther 
Kostuum: Carly Everaert 
Videografie: Bouba Dola 
Sound Producer: droppeddots 
Mixing Engineer: Franco Fernandez  
Technische Productie: Mark Thewessen 
Geluidstechniek: Nina Kraszewska 
Productieleider: Isha Plug 
Campagnebeeld: David van Woerden 
Ontwerp poster/flyer: Marika Seo 
Teaser/Trailer: Bowie Verschuuren 
Met dank aan: Studio Roex, De Hofnar Present en management

A production of Ulrike Quade Company 

Locatie: Grote Zaal